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“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is more painful than staying stuck where you don’t belong.”

-Mandy Hale

Jamy Hunter, Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy and Community Counseling, is a member of the American Counseling Association and the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP), a qualified Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and Founder/CEO of Wellness & Courage.

        She began her journey to becoming a therapist in 2002, although she knew as early as her senior year of high school that she wanted to help others in some way.   An Arkansas native, Jamy first received her Associate of Arts: Psychology from Northwest Arkansas Community College.  Jamy then moved on to earn her Bachelor of Arts: Psychology from the University of Arkansas and her Master of Science: Marriage and Family and Community Counseling from John Brown University.

My Focus

       Jamy has a passion for helping individuals (ages 13+) who are trauma survivors and/or experiencing mental, emotional, relational, and/or behavioral issues that are having a negative impact on current quality of life.  The effects of trauma can look different for everyone.  However, common residual effects include (but are not limited to) anxiety, depression, grief, and struggles with stress and/or anger management.    

        Jamy has completed the training into becoming a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, which focuses on understanding the physiology of trauma, adaptive and maladaptive coping behaviors, and effective treatment models for trauma survivors. 

Jamy offers telecommunication mental health counseling through video chat and phone, in addition to face-to-face counseling.