Trauma-Focused Therapy

What is trauma?  Trauma is, by definition, "any deeply distressing or disturbing experience". This includes a wide range of traumatic experiences, including (but not limited to) divorce, illness, bereavement/loss, experiences of war, childhood sexual abuse, and adult sexual assault.  

Jamy is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional-II. Although Jamy has clinical experience with and enjoys working with those struggling with a wide range of difficulties (such as anxiety, depression, stress management, anger management, etc.), her focus is to help trauma victims become trauma survivors, specifically childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual abuse and assault.  If you are experiencing the residual effects of trauma or any of life's other struggles, contact Jamy.  She is eager to help walk with you on the road to recovery.


Client Testimony:

"Words don't suffice to describe the remarkable counselling services offered by Jamy.  I was struggling through depression, anxiety, and unbearable stress when I first visited Jamy after having gone through sexual assault.  Even though my journey of recovery isn't over, Jamy has helped me discover my inner strength and capabilities.  She's made me reframe my thinking and that, in large part, has transformed the ways in which I deal with past trauma.  Jamy has taught me how simple exercises and mindful practices offers inner peace.  She's easy to talk to, and as a woman I find that I am so comfortable with opening up to her about any issues that I face.  She's a wonderful listener and a thoughtful counsellor who has your best interest at heart.  I highly recommend Jamy to anyone who is dealing with the "tough stuff".  She's a rare gem!"                                                                                                      -Anonymous


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