"Jamy hasn't seen me as a patient for too long, but I felt an instant connection with her.  She's very down to earth and honest and devoted to her job.  She has helped me so much and my success in life has increased so much.  I'm very glad I decided to see her."

Relationship Counseling:

50 minutes

Do you think your relationship might benefit from couples counseling, but you're not really sure?  Do you need to gain a better understanding of healthy relational functioning, identify and eliminate unhealthy behavior patterns, build a stronger relational unit, increase healthy communication patterns, and/or identify relational strengths and weaknesses?  If so, then your relationship would likely benefit from counseling.  

Jamy has a certification for Emotion-Focused Couples Counseling.  She has a passion to help a wide range of relationships, from relationships that are in crisis to relationships that just need a little guidance to get them back on track.  Jamy has also helped couples, who are seeking separation, to navigate healthy co-parenting, healthy communication patterns during and after the separation, and learn how to process and express feelings throughout the process.  

If your relationship fits any of these needs, contact Jamy Hunter.  She is eager to walk with you through the experience.