Client Testimonials

"Words don't suffice to describe the remarkable counselling services offered by Jamy. I was struggling through depression, anxiety, and unbearable stress when I first visited Jamy after having gone through sexual assault. Even though my journey of recovery isn't over, Jamy has helped me discover my inner strength and capabilities. She's made me reframe my thinking and that, in large part, has transformed the ways in which I deal with past trauma. Jamy has taught me how simple exercises and mindful practices offers inner peace. She's easy to talk to, and as a woman I find that I am so comfortable with opening up to her about any issues that I face. She's a wonderful listener and a thoughtful counsellor who has your best interest at heart. I highly recommend Jamy to anyone who is dealing with the "tough stuff". She's a rare gem!" -Student


"Jamy hasn't seen me as a patient for too long but I felt and instant connection with her. She is very down to earth and honest and devoted to her job. She has helped me so much and my success in life has increased so much. I'm very glad I decided to see her!" -Retail


"I have been seeing Jamy over the past several months to deal with anxiety issues that I have struggled with since I was a teenager. I felt like I was at an all-time low with my anxiety when I first came in, but within a few weeks could already see a big improvement. Jamy is so easy to talk to; I never feel like I have to hold any details back. She truly listens, and I feel like she grasps exactly what it is that I am going through. She has given me new and practical tools to practice each week and has helped me to challenge the way I think. Everytime I leave her office, I feel a weight lifted and empowered to continue working towards better managing my anxiety. Whether you feel like you are going through something little or big, I highly recommend Jamy." -Stay at home Mom


"Jamy Hunter is an outstanding therapist. I have had to go through several that were disappointing and I had almost given up. She has helped me change my life! I am eternally grateful. She is so welcoming and honest. Always responds and is easily available. She will go above and beyond for you! I've never been more confident in a therapist." -Entrepreneur